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What Is An Agency?
There are many different types of agents for different types of talent. The main types are theatrical (Television and Film) and commercial (for commercials). There are also dance, print, voice-over,etc. Your agent may represent you for one or more of these categories. Being with the same agency for everything is called being "signed across the board." Many actors prefer to have separate agents for different types of work.

Agents get information about auditions for roles, either directly from casting directors and producers or from an insiders-only fax service called "the breakdowns." The breakdowns is a daily faxed list of roles being cast, and they are available only to agents and managers.

Agents primarily work with experienced, or up-and-coming actors or models. They work on commission which means, they don't make money, if you don't make money. The agent or agency wants talent that have proven they can land the role. Clients who are already working hard, so the agent knows the client is serious.

For each role, a casting directors will receive hundreds to thousands of resumes and headshots, from which they will narrow the field to the amount that they have the time and/or need to audition. There are so many actors vying for so few roles that talent agents act as the first step in the weeding-out process. In this field, where the supply so greatly exceeds the demand, just getting an audition is quite an accomplishment. And to get the audition, you need an agent. Click Here

I Am An Agent Looking For Talent
We want to help our members find and select a professional talent agency. We believe that your representation is the key to success in the entertainment industry. We ask all agencies to submit company information and we will refer our members to you. It is important to us that our clients are satisfied, therefore we must thoroughly check the background of an agency that represents nonunion. If you represent a SAG or AFTRA agency you will be automatically entered into our database. The database is available for our clients who are currently seeking agents, and we believe are eligible for such representation. If you do not accept unsolicited inquiries, please let us know. Our talent database is available for agents to review in search of new clients. Click Here

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