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How do I find auditions?
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It is your duty as an actor or model to mail your photos & resumes to agencies, casting directors, production companies. The Mailing process costs a lot of money and takes a lot of your valuable time. If you patient and consistent you will see some results. We are here to introduce you a way to avoid the hassle of mailing. Casting Directors prefer to use our talent search portfolio database instead of 5000 headshots. To review a list of Casting Directors who will receive our cd-rom, click here.

Guide lines to follow when you audition:
1. Always know what you are auditioning for.
2. Arrive thirty minutes prior to the audition time; this will allow ample time to check in and warm up, check out your competition.
3. Bring at least 2 photos and resumes. Photos should reflect current physical likeness (should always be updated!)
4. Do not chew gum ( all directors hate it)
5. When attending callbacks, always wear the same attire worn at audition. Try to do everything you did the first time because it has already worked during the first audition.
6. Be confident, smile, always have a positive attitude
7. Act excited about everything you asked to do

Be prepared for improvisation.
Different voices and dialects are a plus.
Prepare a dramatic and comedic monologue no more than 2 minutes in length.
Note if the audition is going to provide sides.

Bring 2 selections of sheet music, 1 up-tempo and 1 ballad, in legible condition.
Be prepared to sing the best 16 bars.
Know your vocal range.
Sheet music should have full musical notation and in the key in which you will perform.
If audition requires movement, dress appropriately.

Wear appropriate dance attire.
Bring appropriate dance shoes.
If the audition requires singing, bring at least 2 selections of sheet music, 1 up-tempo and 1 ballad. Be prepared to sing the best 16 bars.


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