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" When I was younger I wanted to become an actor but never got a chance to try. Today, I am fifty-six and thanks to your help I just did my first national commercial for South West Airlines. John R. Ford - Actor, Voice,

"As a casting director for the last 25 years, I love the way you've made my job easy. Talent CD-ROM is the future of casting and will be used by casting directors around the world." James Bruno (C.S.A) - casting director for USA films.

We appreciate you helping us find a replacement for the supporting role in our film "California Waves". Thank you for posting our audition notice in your news letter. We were surprised to receive over 30 resume submissions from qualified actors the very next day." Jack Casey Malone, Director (New Season Productions)

"The first time I spoke to your representative, they gave me the best overview on the entertainment industry and what it really takes to succeed. After joining the Talent CD-Rom 2000 I was approached by several modeling agencies. I have received over a dozen auditions for various commercials, as well as several auditions for roles in independent films. So far I appeared on MTV's show (Undressed), and an independent documentary film "Real Money" by Universe Entertainment".
Jennifer Mayson - Actress, Model

"I want to thank you for pointing me in the right direction and helping me manage my acting career. The industry is full of companies that purposely mislead us about the Entertainment Business. I'm glad that I have found the best company to promote me!"
Sylvester Gilatti - Aspiring Actor, Writer ("Heist", "Swordfish")

"Talent CD-Rom is so efficient that it will set new standards in the casting industry. Casting directors prefer to use 1 - Talent CD-ROM to search for actors & models, instead of reviewing hundreds of paper headshots and resumes."
Liz Styles - reporter for Entertainment News, LA " I'm an actor in Orlando, and for years I have been trying to establish contacts in the entertainment industry. Thanks to Hollywood Auditions I am working on a new movie by Disney Films. I will be traveling to Australia to work on this movie. I'm really excited about this opportunity." Joseph Snyder - Actor, Model, Actor, Stuntman

"Finally someone is helping us models with a great service! I have joined last year and already received several auditions for commercial print locally. Currently I am in the process of selecting an agent." Michelle S. Boyd - Model, Actress

"I have mailed over 300 headshots to various agents and casting directors and got 6 responses. Two of them were from companies that wanted me to join workshops and spend a great deal of money. I have visited 8 agents since I joined the talent cast. Currently I am signed with 2 agencies Commercials Unlimited Inc (commercials, commercial print) and Morgan Freedman Agency. My credits include the following: OZ(HBO), Michael Richard's Show ( NBC), Commercials for Wal-Mart,, and other small parts in various independent productions." Lisa Knight - Model, Actress, Spokesperson

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